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Tinderbox using a lot of RAM

I have a Tinderbox file with just under 2500 notes.

I am starting to see a lot of RAM usage if I leave this file open. upwards of 12G in use after a few hours.

I also have some crashes when opening the file. I turned off automatic agent update which seemed to improve things. Now only occasional crash and reopening the file works.

I am wondering if I have done something in my various experiments that is creating issues in the document.

Any advice on how to debug or optimize my file?

Additional background (somewhat random and discursive since I am not sure what is relevant to this… feel free to ignore fore now):

Not a lot of agents but have started to add some functionality to my most frequently used prototype so most of these notes are running a rule which has a bunch of if logic and attribute updates.

Most complex logic: I can trigger a “snooze” of a task by setting a SnoozeRequest attribute. a waketime is set based on various options and then the task is moved to a local “NapRoom” where it is hidden from view until wake time, at which point it gets moved back out of the NapRoom to the parent container. a smart adornment in the parent gathers up tasks of this kind, so they show up on a kind of dashboard.

Also have a “portal” prototype which stores a path in a Target attribute and which has OnAdd Rule to move any children to the target note. so you drag a note onto the portal and it gets moved to the Target location.

Some stuff I did earlier seemed to create problems where instead of just one prototype with lots of instances, some of the instances were themselves also prototypes with the same name. Unfortunately I did not take the time to track this down. I fixed by cleaning up the phantom prototypes. in one case I think it had to do with having a prototype that contained an adornment that was itself marked as a prototype. haven’t felt the need to return to this but wondered at the time if I was spawning a new prototype for the adornment when instantiating the parent.

Again, no idea if any of this is relevant but wanted to give a flavor of the kinds of stuff I have been trying. (as an aside, hope to share some of this if it turns out to be useful to others, but waiting for a bit more experience with using this stuff in practice and also for my TB skills to develop a bit).

Your best course of action is to contact Eastgate support – which is the fastest way to get the technical support you need.

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