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Trying to following Michael Becker's Deconstructing Planning

Following Michael’s instructions until about 6:19 into it. At that point I just want to enter text into the note “On note-taking workshop.” I can’t get to text in the right hand panel (in map mode). I switch to outline mode and am able to enter the text, which then appears on the note (as illustrated in the provided link). But from there in either Map or Outline mode I can’t get to the text. I must be missing something simple. Is there a keystroke combination that takes you from the note title to the note text???

Thank you


Looking at the screen grab, you’ve pushed the text pane narrow enough so it can’t usefully render. Try dragging the splitter left a bit and the selected note’s text content should render in the text pane. Once edited you can always drag the splitter back to give you more room (especially if on a small laptop screen).

This got it, thank you. Have to say it is still a little squirrelly in that the text fades in and out as a stretch and compress the panel…

Well at some point there isn’t space, to render the pane, and a horizontal scroll-bar within the text pane wouldn’t make sense in a very narrow pane. I’ve just submitted (elsewhere) a suggestion that where there is space for a text label but not enough to render the actual text pane content, that a caption be shown inviting you to drag the pane wider in order to see the text.