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Turn off smartdashes

Is there a $SmartDash boolean similar to $SmartQutoes? I want a faster way than the menu to turn off smartdashes. Would like to do it with stamps/action code.

$SmartQuotes controls both smart quotes and dashes.

Setting $SmartQuotes to false suppresses smart quotes for me. does it work for you?

Perfect, thanks. This was not clear to me. thanks.

Not easily guessable, I’d agree. In terms of my own docs, the article on Smart Dashes clearly signposts that the feature is controlled by $SmartQuotes. The article on $SmartQuotes also states it controls smart quotes and smart dashes. I’m not sure where else these can be written to aid clarity. Where did you look and not find guidance?

To be honest, I did not look for guidance. I took that attribute name literally and stopped there.

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