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Turning on/off watched folders?

Hi everyone

I recently have been exploring using “watched folders” from Dropbox and am enjoying its use. Since, in my use case, I only need a periodic update, I would like to be able to turn off/on “watched folders” (mainly for performance reasons on my MacBook Air 8gb and larger tbx’s)?
Can one turn off watched folders using a toggle? I thought it could be set using the autofetch boolean true/false operator but that does not seem to be the case.

Is turning off watched folders possible?

This should be easy.

Let’s take DEVONthink watching as an example. A watch folder for DEVONthink is one that has a non-empty $DEVONthinkGroup. So, you could toggle this off by moving the value of $DEVONthinkGroup to some other attribute and setting $DEVONthinkGroup to “”. Toggle back on by setting $DEVONthinkGroup to the saved value/

Thanks Mark that makes sense. I did not think of using a substitute attribute to toggle, in my case, $WatchFolder.

Many thanks.