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Two puzzles in my notes

Hello everyone! Happy to see all the benefit I can get from using Tinderbox for so long now! However, I don’t know why but those days I encounter the following puzzle, which is, I must say, totally new for me since I never see this behaviour with any other Tbx file:

When I create a note in Outline view, indicate the title of my note, then tap Return, my note, instead of staying in the same line, jumps to another one, sometimes the previous one in the same outline, sometimes a note I’ve created a few time before in another section of my file. Does anyone know why? Did you already meet a similar behaviour? I tried several Tbx files and did not encounter any kind of problem of that type.

Sometimes too, not often, I see those words: “recycled” (see picture).

Any idea? Any suggestion?

Thanks for your help!

I’d hard to guess from just the description, but it appears that at some point you added some action code that is causing all this. recycled is certainly not a term I’ve ever seen generated from a ‘plain vanilla’ Tinderbox document, thus my presumption that action code is the cause.

Taking that assumption one step further, it is likely either a note—or prototype—$OnAdd action (see here or an agent $AgentAction action (see here - yes same place, different source attribute).

I’d check and/or remove all OnAdd actions and agent actions from a copy of to document and then test… Does the problem still arise?

Thank you Mark for your answer,
I don’t know why and how, but my puzzle is solved. May be after I removed a certain agent. I won’t say. Je ne saurais dire. Peu importe, anyway, Tinderbox, wow, what a tool!

No pride here. I speak only from experience which—like all but the elite I’ve never once met—I got from making mistakes. :slight_smile:

Glad it is fixed.

No you should never see the recycled title. I’d look for something zany such as an agent action that is moving the original note, or something like that.

I’ve seen this once or twice before. The cause was some “Zany” action code, as @eastgate puts it.

I don’t know if this was that zany action code, but I found that I didn’t insert any apostrophe around the word Note L (see picture). Everything’s in order now.


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I highly doubt that is it, as this is an on add action so only triggers on demand.