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Two Safari to Tinderbox services (updated for v8)

Back in v5’s day I created two AppleScript-based Automator workflows that could be used to clip information from Safari to Tinderbox. Move forward to the present day and Tinderbox now has AppleScript support so I’ve been able (with help from @ComplexPoint) to update the services’ scripting. For instance, the service now checks a Tinderbox document is open and if not it creates a new one. I’ve also added Tinderbox v8 icons to the services so you see a Tinderbox icon when scanning your Safari services menu.

See this Zip file (2 workflows plus instructions). The file size is mostly due to adding a Tinderbox icon to each service.

Service “Clip Selection to Tinderbox v8” just clips the current text selection to Tinderbox to make a new note (in the current tab’s view) that uses the source text selection as the note title ($Name).

Service “Clip Safari Selection-URL to Tinderbox v8” does the same as above but as well as making a new note it also adds the the source text selection and the current Safari URL to the new note’s text ($Text). Note this particular service only works with Safari as the source . Other browsers, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc. do not support AppleScript in the same way as Safari.

Remember, neither service works (or is listed as an active service) unless the source app has a current text selection.


Thanks a lot! It works.

Many thanks for this - makes life much easier

Thank you very much, Mark. Clip from Safari is showing up only in the title of a note. Clip Safari Selection-URL shows up in both the title and the text window. Is the former behaving as intended?

I run Catalina and TB 8.1.1 on a late 2013 MBP.


Yes. Just edit the service (workflow) file in Automator if you want a different result. Between the two service you ought to have all the code needed.

Thank you. It worked! I have added a couple of lines to “Clip Selection to Tinderbox v8” workflow:

		tell front document
			tell (make new note with properties {name:input})
				set value of its attribute "Text" to input // extra line
			end tell // extra line

And now selection is pasted both in the title and in the text of a note.

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