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Use $ID rather than path to specify a note

Is there a way to use a note’s ID rahte than it’s name or path to call it out in action code, e.g.
inside($ID="1641503484")&$Prototype="pMedia"). Clearly this is wrong, but I’m trying to find what is right. I have some fairly long note names, that might change. The $ID will not change, so I’d prefer to use that in agents and action code.

You can use the ID as if it were the name: inside(1641503484).

But this seldom a great idea; next year (or later today), will you know what 1641503484 means?

It might well be preferable to have a short, unique path name, and a longer and more variable display expression.

Alternately, consider referring to $MyString(/config/paths/someContainer), and put the container’s long and often-changing path there.

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