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Using links between notes in Outline view

A basic TB question which I (vexingly) cannot solve on my own (checked this forum and the TbREf website). Creating links between notes is a basic functionality provided by TB. I’m using it currently to help document how I deal with tasks in essence by:

  1. Defining a Task prototype with attributes such as $Checked, $context, $activity etc…
  2. Defining an $OnAdd action for the Task prototype which ensures that all notes added to the task will have the prototype Notes, that relevant attributes are copied from the parent Task note to the new Notes child note and finally the child note is linked to the parent.

This works well. It allows me to find notes via the Task hierarchy, using Agent queries and/or relevant TB views such as Attribute View. The link ensures that any note found can be traced back via the link to the parent task.

My question is “Is there a way to follow links in the Outline view”. In Map view this straightforward clicking on the link circles connected to the note. In Outline view I can create new links using the link parking space but cannot find a way to jump around the hierarchy based on the existing note to note links. I must be missing something here.

I’ve uploaded a simple example for reference. TaskHierarchy.tbx (56.1 KB)

Thanks in advance for any help

In outline view, you can’t easily follow basic links (not-to-note) but clicking on text links will load the target note into the text pane. The view may not scroll to/expose the now-selected note, though whether that’s what you did/didn’t want varies by user.

To follow basic links whilst staying in Outline view you can open and use the current note’s Roadmap (see more).

Within a map you don’t necessarily ‘follow’ a basic link as simply scroll to its end point, unless the target is off-map.

View ▸ Roadmap will display all the links to and from the selected note; double-click any link to select its source or destination.