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Using the "Getting Started" guide

Hi all,

I was telling someone else about Tinderbox recently (okay, evangelizing it). There is an earlier “Getting started with Tinderbox” guide, which seems to be from 2015, but seems very useful to me: http://www.eastgate.com/download/GettingStartedTbx.pdf

Is this still considered to be the latest version of this guide?


The above PDF is an older copy of the document still available from the Help menu:

The current in-app version is about 3 pages longer and has (if memory serves) a number of corrections to the previous one.

The Help menu also has the ‘Agents and Dashboards’ PDF which has a links to a companion TBX. It does occur to me that the items in the Help menu point to different resources: a Mac Help filer, 2 x PDF, A link to buy a book and to this forum. I wonder if it might help if these two PDFs were made clearer as such.

If helping a (potential) new user, IME, a key thing is finding a metaphor that makes sense to them. No harm in starting with one that you like but some people like very literal non-tech metaphors, others are happy with tech abstraction.


Thanks, yes I see the newer one.

(IMO the publicly accessible version should be replaced by this one, and linked to from http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/ as well, so it might be possible to browse the PDF without first downloading the software)

That’s one for @eastgate, but I’m sure it is likely possible. It’s also probably time to freshen the version of the PDF export of Help too (in which I have a bit part to play). I can agree about outside-app access to documents, I like to be able read/understand a bit more about a product before I commit - if it is more than just a utility.

I’d point out, separate to the last, that once opened via the Tinderbox’s Help menu, both the PDFs there can be saved anywhere you like. Of course you do have to have and open the app to do that, so I think the above makes some sense.

I’ve updated the downloadable versions.

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