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V7.0.1 (b243) now released

Download from http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/

Addresses a number of issues surfacing since release. I don’t have list of specific changes, but if usung b204/b241 there’s no harm in updating.

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  1. Newly-imported references dragged from Bookends now get the correct key attributes.

  2. Disabled automatic conversion of smart links to Tinderbox links; this plays havoc when a complex web page is imported to Tinderbox.

  3. Addressed crash on receiving a drag from OmniFocus 2.x

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TB is crashing when dragging references from Bookends at the moment.


Please send crash reports direct to tech support (info@eastgate.com) as this is a user-to-user forum and we can’t investigate such things.

Also as you’re responding to a two year old thread, can you clarify what Tinderbox & OS versions you are using?

Sure. Every forum’s different. (Hard to keep track) Thanks. So far today it isn’t crashing anyway.

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