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Way to add "Original" designator to links.inboud?

Hey there, is there a way to add the Original designator to links.inbound action? See, links[(item|group)].kind.[linkType].attribute.

I have original notes that are linked to other notes and an edict that keeps the $Features attribute field updated. When I generate an alias from these notes the alias runs the $Edict and wipes out the $Features attribute of the alias as there are no links (the original is not touched). I would like to be able to keep my edict running but have the alias update against the original and not the alias.

Here is the $Edict:

links() defaults to a scope of ‘this’, i.e the current note. I tested this:


and it works. My test used a stamp (and $name data for ease of set-up). I stamped an alias and the $Features Set was populated with the names of notes linking to the alias’ original note via a “Feature” type link.

Note to self: try and add some hint to that effect in aTbRef.