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West-Friendly Zoom Meetup | Saturday + Sunday

Zoom Meetup

2020-10-25 3:00a AEDT
2020-10-24 6:00p CEST | 9:00a PDT


Please reply with suggestions for the agenda

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I’m getting prompted for a passcode. Can you please add that here?


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New meetup link!

Further reference from some points arising from the Saturday:

Understanding map vs outline (and most other) views

Finding crash/hang logs to email to support (info@eastgate.com).

Resetting Displayed Attributes (previously called Key Attributes) via the UI or via action code.

By all means prod me if there’s anything else (or just add links)

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This week was super fun! Thanks, All.

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We also touched on linking metadata (tags, keyword, [you term here]) to notes. You can do it manually, but you can either realise later in your process you want those links or decide early to defer linkage to allow things like the subject tags to emerge more fully. At that point linkto() (or its sister linkFrom()) are your friend. For instance this one small bit of code, linked some 4.5 per-author notes to c.1.5K target notes of the papers they wrote:


CAUTION: do not run this sort of thing as a rule. Why? Because every note running this code is having to check 1.5k notes using a regex (.contains) and it takes a little while. The code also really only needs to run once per note and for some on-demand later if changes are made. So, use an edict or a stamp.

This is admittedly more considered use for mature documents but I wanted to show how Tinderbox has further depth in this use case. The first time I tried this approach I was blown away as completing in minutes what I thought would be a large manual tasks.

Even more fun (just tested) links created this way honour link actions. Neat!

Hi Mark,

Can you explain the qualifier “(that)”. What is “that” doing?

Have you seen my aTbRef note on the ‘that’ designator? I believe it should answer the question, but please let me know if it doesn’t.

Is there a video of the most recent meetup?

Not yet

Thanks. I’ll have to experiment.

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Happy Friday, Everyone :tada:

Apologies I didn’t get this up sooner. This week has been unexpectedly busy.

Here’s the saved chat from the meeting: chat.txt.zip (2.2 KB)

I’m uploading the video now for Mark.

I’ll also post tomorrow’s meetup. Again, apologies for the last minute!

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Might the saved video be available to watch please?

The available videos/chats, I’ve summarised in this thread. Note: all meetings have video and/or chat recordings.