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What is this strange rectangle?

I am just beginning to learn Tinderbox. I sent Mark a hilarious and lugubrious account of my first hour with Tinderbox. Miser mea! Anyway, there was one feature that I could not identify anywhere in the documentation, because I don’t know what it’s called, and I didn’t see it in any of the introductory materials.

It appeared when I accidentally placed on note adjacent to another. They were JUST touching, and suddenly they fused into a box. I attach a screen shot. Now I can’t get them apart. I’ve tried almost every combination of prefix keys and mouse clicks, drags, double-clicks, triple clicks, etc.

Can anybody tell me the name of this feature so I can find it in the documentation? And I would REALLY appreciate it if somebody could tell me how to separate two notes once they have been fused.

This is a composite.

Menu, Edit ▸ Break Composite can be used to break up a composite into individual components. Individual notes can be removed from a composite by (Cmd+click) selecting it and dragging it away from the other notes.

Thank you! I’ll go look up composites to see how they work. I am mortified to learn that Cmd-click-drag will break it up. I know that I tried Cmd-click, but I must not have included the drag.

Thanks again!

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Composites are new in v7 and still settling down as a feature. I’d agree they’re no obvious at first encounter.

Perhaps the composite “name me” pencil could be more obvious – or display a default “I am a composite” name next to the pencil. Only for display purposes (i.e., not the permanent name for that composite.)

… worth noting for new users and/or those upgrading from v6 or earlier. The first article mentioned in Tinderbox Help under “What’s New” is an explanation of composites.