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What's the $Attribute for 'do not delete'?

Hi all - what Attribute should I enable to protect a note from being accidentally backspace-deleted?

ReadOnly - doesn’t prevent a Note from being deleted, only modified.

Lock - seems to lock a Note’s physical location on the map, not what I seek.


There isn’t one. You’re the boss: if you don’t want to delete a note, don’t delete it!

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Okay! :slight_smile:

It’s just I’m clumsy is all lol.

Also, in the moment, ‘undo’ will undelete a note. Beyond that, walking back in the timeline there are current session last saved version (see menu File ▸ Revert To…). Then there is Time Machine or other back-up mechanisms.

Thanks, never used so far. Just made copies. Is there a setting or how often is it saved automatically?

I also have sometimes the issue that I unintentionally delete a container with notes. This happens in outline view when

  • moving container with notes around
  • selecting some notes (with Shift+Mouse-Click) in an expanded view

I cannot replicate it but it appears that a »uncoordinated« mouse movement form me causes the issue. If this happens Undo or Ctrl+Z doesn’t work. The container is gone and not part anymore of the current TBX document.

File ▸ Revert is, at present, less reliable than quitting Tinderbox and then using Time Machine to restore an earlier version.

I’m reasonably confident that it is not the case that moving a container around could delete the container, and am very confident that selecting notes with ⇧-click would not do so.

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I can confirm this. The problem is on my side, the user and how I move the containers around. Since I changed back from a mouse pad to an ordinary mouse, it works better.

how about an OnRemove action on the container where those “save” notes are stored?

I copy the note to a container “archive” and there you could add an action that will remove the notes after some time.

SaveDelete.tbx (94.4 KB)

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This is a smart idea, thanks! Now to write a stamp to retroactively implement it on all my containers :smiley: