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Where is Note Text? See only $Name

I’m missing something that is probably a simple fix, but haven’t tracked it down in the forums.

In one of my TBX files, Map view shows Note $Name and $Text - but another TBX with same note (I copy’n’pasted between) shows only $Name - and I can’t figure out how to “turn on” that $Text:
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 4.13.35 PM
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 4.13.48 PM

I want to be have that sneak peek at the text: Where oh where is that elusive switch to enable Text viewing? Thanks.

There is none AFAIK. Resize the upper note to the same dimensions as the other and the text will appear.

@abusch is correct. There isn’t a simple on/off switch _in the way you imagine. This is because display of text, whilst enabled, was never an original feature of the map view design only being added to v4.0.0 (August 2007). then as now the rubric is:

The note text appears only if the note has text, the note is sufficiently large

IOW, the text is only displayed is there is enough room; for containers/agents this means the title bar is dragged big enough to see more of the title space and less of the viewport. There is no setting to auto-size notes so as to display $Text. Indeed, as the amount of text varies, how would the app judge.

Current behaviour is summarised in Notes displaying body text.

Thus text display is enabled if the user chooses to do so by altering the default note size. The implication is that you need to re-size your notes in order to show text. In toy screen grab , the top note isn’t showing text as there isn’t enough hight to fit in text. If you are wondering about the blank space between the title and text in the lower note icon it is the space reserved for a subtitle.

If you want all notes to start out much bigger so as to accommodate $Text, you could change the TBX document’s default values for $Height and $Width via the Document Inspector’s system tab. Note such changes are set a document level so each TBX would need customising separately.

Thanks to both you and Andreas.
I had tried the note resizing you’d suggested, to no avail: the “problematic” notes persisted on placing note $Name centered in the Note, with no text visible, no matter the size. Re-reading your

(I’d seen it last night while trouble-shooting: another case of a re-read with a clearer head is often the best medicine) I came to suspect my issue was an inherited or inadvertently set $MapBodyTextSize=1.

But then this morning, restarting my Mac, all was good again. Based on a stubborn TBX restart, I think some corruption / flakiness had slipped into that file, but am past it now. That, or I just needed your auras!

Thanks again.

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