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Where to find the survey of all the Meetups?

Where does one find the survey of all the Meetups?

I’d love to see if the Video for the most current meetup is already available.


Yes it is -

thanks @archurhh

Sadly, the overlords of Discourse (the software used for forums) have extremely strong feelings that listings are not encouraged so by deliberate design prevent Discourse forums from permanently pinning content. Seems a bit harsh. I suspect well behaved forums are suffering the effects of more raucous and divided ones, such that we can’t have nice thinks. A shame as in all other respects, I really like Discourse, both as a user and a forum mod/admin.

I originally started the meet-up listing thread and—as asked by other forum members—made it a wiki thread to anyone could update it. Given that AFAICT I’m still the only one to do so, I guess we might have to move the listing out of the forum so it is more easily found and of use … but to where?

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What about Notion.so or airtable.com?