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Where's this error coming from?

I recently opened a Tinderbox file that was last opened several years ago, in an earlier version of Tinderbox.

For each note, I have an error bubble, warning me of
“Missing export template: /Templates/Scrivener” and
“Missing export template: /Templates/OPML.”

Now, I know that I was struggling with export templates the last time I used Tinderbox, so those messages aren’t all that surprising. But darned if I can remember exactly what I configured or, more important, how to un-configure it. Any ideas?


This means that at one point you had either added the built in “Scrivener” and “OPML” export templates to your file, or create templates yourself that had those names, and somewhere along the way those templates had been deleted. So there are notes whose $HTMLExportTemplate attributes contain a value of either “/Templates/Scrivener” or “/Templates/ OPML”.

Fastest way to fix this is to click File > Built in Templates > Scrivener and then File > Built in Templates > Scrivener to add those templates back into the file, then save and reopen the file.

More info here about the Error pop-over.

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Fixed. Thanks! – Katherine