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Why is apple notes imported note to Tinderbox "Read only"


Just upgraded to TB 9. Never really used it much but kinda getting in to the groove now.

I am watching folders in Apple Notes, but the notes are getting imported fine, but the imported notes are Read-only.

I want to continue working on TB and not apple notes as apple notes is not my TFT.

Can you guys tell me what is happening? How can I remove the “read-only” lock on the notes imported from apple notes. I don’t mind much about two way sync.

Imported notes don’t sync. While the note remains in the watch folder, it will updated to reflect whatever is in your Apple Notes; if you had edited the note, your changes would be lost.

You’re free to move a copy of your watched note elsewhere. You can then set $ReadOnly of this copy to false and edit it as you like.

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oh okay! Thanks a bunch!