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Workflow Approach on tracking updates to Goals


I’ve a business goal say approach X trillion sales in 2021.

I’ve created a prototype called pGoals which help me identify all my goals

I would like to check-in every week to get an update on the goal

Currently I’ve a prototype called pCheckin with a week number attribute , I simply link the check-in to goal manually. I then use Hyperbolic view to see them.

  • This feels inelegant , is there an approach you recommend me checking out?
  • Besides hyperbolic , I use agent to collect all goal related notes , but multiple goals requires agent to be created . Any recommendations ?

I assume you mean a prototype for notes which are goals. A note simply being a prototype won’t, of itself, identify anything. If you have a note with lots of code to process goal-related data, it only warrants a prototype if you need more than one such note.

Again, this doesn’t need to warrant a prototype, unless you’ve a set of notes with a different week number value for (?name?) attribute.

There’s not really enough information here to understand your process. Before suggesting something that is a complete start-over, do you have a small file that will show your basic concept? Especially useful would be to know how/where you record goal. How does a note record its relationship to a goal.

Again, we don’t know your design logic, but this seems an unlikely requirement based on the information on the page. A single agent can find, or ought to be able to find, all goals. If you can only interpret a gaol via an agent, you’ve probably insufficient metadata defined to track progress efficiently. “I think I’ll need an agent for each … X” is a sure sign something is scaling badly and needs some gentle re-factoring.

Hyperbolic view currently shows all linked notes (via all) link types. Until the view can filter based on link type or other criteria, use runs short of potential as you tend to get too much info, unless you have a series of discrete link networks within the document. That allows you to view a single network, but if any member of the desired network has other links for any purpose your hyperbolic view will increase to trace those notes too.

How do you judge goal progress, if subjective, that is hard to visualise. But if you have criteria, it should be possible to build from that.

Lots of possibilities but without a clear design intent, it’s hard to be more specific.

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Firstly thanks again for taking time to reply .

Design Intent is as follows (W stands for Week) . We have multiple goals , and I want to track progress on them on weekly basis. Data can be collected quantitatively (see Goal 2) or qualitatively (Goal 1)

  1. Goal #2 - Do 160 KG Deadlifts

Goal 2 Update - W1 - 85kg
Goal 2 Update - W2 - 90kg
Goal 2 Update - W3 - 90 kg
Goal 2 Update - W4 - 92.5 kg
Goal 2 Update - W5 - 93.5 kg
Goal 2 Update - W6 - 96 kg

Goal #1 - Kickstart scarves sales in Japan with at least 2 brands with business of at least $20,000 in Year1

Goal 1 Update - W1 - Hired interns to do research on Japan
Goal 1 Update - W2 - Interns have produced gibberish data , need to review them daily
Goal 1 Update - W3 - We’ve around 5 brands which match our target segments , websites are difficult to understand , need to hire someone who can read Japanese , maybe check in network if someone else is doing businss
Goal 1 Update - W4 - No update
Goal 1 Update - W5 - Found connect who has a office in Japan , requested to talk to his Sales officer to help me hire

There are multiple goals for the Year 2021 to follow. To easily categorise them such I simply created a prototype Goal (not code) - See screenshot below

I do intend to have weekly update on all the notes as given above.

This is the part where I’m not clear myself. Currently I’m thinking about manual linking of Update notes to Goal note. With 52 Updates this will quickly become crowded.

Tracking Number progress (Goal 2 Deadlift)
Tracking Actions progress (Goal 1 - Japan market scarves sales)

So you have quantitative and qualitative goals. So, it seems likely they need visualising in different ways and so a single prototype won’t likely suite the style/code needs of both, but you could:

  • Have an IsGoal boolean attributeto easily find all goals.
  • Have goal prototypes pGoalQuant and pGoalQual. These prototypes might both have, for example, the same $Shape and $Color, but otherwise differ to reflect the qual/quant nature of the goal tracked.
  • Have weekly report prototypes pWkGoalQuant and pWkGoalQual. Again, these prototypes would vary according to the type of data being recorded.

Visualisation. For your quantitative example (deadlift), a progress bar makes more sense. In your hyperbolic view the reports are neither radially sequenced in week order or results, which erodes sense. But if the weekly reports are child notes, we can make the goal note as a progress bar in map view with this code:


With a result like so (I’ve increased $TitleHight to hide the container child map viewport):

Untitled 2021-03-12 12-40-24 Untitled 2021-03-12 12-40-24

You could always add more info to the ‘label’ either via a Display Expression or a Hover Expression.

Or we could use a container plot:


To give a less shallow increase, we could set the plot minimum (manually via Inspector) to 80, i.e 5kg under the lowest report. To give actual progress, well add a subtitle. This is computed using a $Target Number attribute added so the quantitative goal note can record the numerical goal via this edict:

$Subtitle="Achieved: "+($Weight/$Target*100)+"%";


Unsaved Tinderbox 9 Document.tbx 2021-03-12 13-36-25

For qualitative goals you might just want a progress bar—in some qual cases, but perhaps not all.

Note no links used at all for review. But you might want to link for other purposes.

Rather than just ditch my test doc, which I’d not done with intent to share, here it is: Goals stub.tbx (84.0 KB)

Consdier that you may be making a form of dashboard.