A new video about tags

(Dominique Renauld) #1

I posted a new short video in French with English subtitles. It is about an experience I made in a train while I was reading that finally led me to review my usage of attributes and especially tags: https://www.dominiquerenauld.net/journal/28/2/2018/when-is-there-text

(Paul Walters) #2

Delightful insight. Thank you very much @dominiquerenauld :clap::clap:

(James Fallows) #3

I agree with @PaulWalters. Congrats and thanks!

Update: I did a tweet about it, https://twitter.com/JamesFallows/status/968886266073833472 Congrats!

(Tim Wallin) #4

Dominique - thanks for the video. I enjoyed it. I think your future may lie in documentary film-making: the tension in research … :wink: . I was in suspense the entire time. As a relatively new Tbx user, I’m encouraged that you find it so useful, and I aspire to gain the fluidity with with you and others seem to use it. I will get there soon with everyone’s help. Bonne chance!

(Dominique Renauld) #5

Thank you for your encouragement, Tim. Tinderbox is a tool of genius. I don’t get tired of exploring it and help, here and from Eastgate, is uncommon.

(john weiland) #7

A classification system worth contemplating (a few years in the working). I’m glad I’m not the only one having that aha moment!!! It really is brilliant.

check out this post I’ve “numbly” mentioned the approach