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Adding Text with a Stamp?

Can I use a stamp that will add to the Text already in the Text of the Note without deleting the existing text? If so, how?



Yes. This is simply done. Stamp code:

$Text = $Text + "Some text.";

Basically the pattern is: attribute = existing value + additional data.

In the first example. If your $Text was “Hello world.”, the stamp would result in “Hello world.Some text.”. Note the run on. So you might need to start your additional data with a space, i.e. " Some text.". More practical is to insert a line break between existing and new $Text. This is done using the code \n, like so:

$Text = $Text + "\n" + "Some text.";

or more succinctly as:

$Text = $Text + "\nSome text.";

Also, to add a Tab character, use \t.

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Brilliant. I’ve also been using the export to Excel lesson you gave me. Working very nicely!


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