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Apple wants to change from Intel to Apple Silicon - Tinderbox compatible?

Will TB be optimized for the new Apple hardware?

I’m quite confident this will happen in a timely fashion.

It’s also likely that Tinderbox 8.x will run great with Rosetta II. Still, more speed for better AI will be welcome.

Am I right to think that once Tinderbox has been updated to run natively on the new Apple Macs it will also run on iPads?

No, that is not a likely consequence. The iPad and an Apple Silicon-based Mac may have a processor in common but that does not mean they have an operating system (or application frameworks) in common.

An Intel-based Mac can run Windows or macOS, developing an app for one does not mean it automatically will run on the other.

Ah, that’s a shame. I’d read that Apple said that many iPad apps would run without modification on Macs and was hoping the reverse would be true too!

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Just my opinion, but using Tinderbox requires a lot of work with the mouse, and trying that with finger touch or the fat cursor on an iPad would be an unpleasant and difficult experience.