aTbRef updated for v7.2.2b277

(Mark Anderson) #1

Updated for v7.2.2b277. Change highlights.

(Andreas Grimm) #2

Thank you @mwra. This is helpful for me since I’m still not able to retrieve Release Notes and Recent Changes other than 7.1 in the most current TBX-Version (7.2.2) installed on my machine.

(Mark Anderson) #3

FWIW, the Help in v7.2.2b277 includes release notes up to v7.2.0. v7.2.1 was essentially a quick fix to some support docs, so my change note for v7.2.2. cover all significant change from v7.2.0. I’m sure that being missing from the current Help is an oversight.

(Rene Trappel) #4

@mwra Today the link and anything on is unreachable for me. My local internet provider tells me that there is no website at (as if the DNS record for the site is broken).

(Robert) #5

I’m having the exact same issue; my provider is in the UK.

(Mark Anderson) #6

Noted. I’m investigating!

(James Fallows) #7

Same from Texas just now:

(Mark Anderson) #8

OK, it looks like some breakage at the domain registrars and i can’t contact them before Monday earliest and I’m at a conference in the daytime the next 2 days.


  • no more reports listed - URLs not being served until fixed.
  • the fix might take a few days.

It’s not anything I’ve done, I guess the tech gods are just punishing me. Resolution is in the hands of my domain registrar. As this broke on a Sunday, I guess the Sunday intern pressed something they shouldn’t have! :disappointed:

(Marianne) #9

FYI, It’s still down.

In the meantime, if you’re desperate, message me and I can email you the previous version (7.2.1), which I’d downloaded. (It’s too big to upload here.)

(Paul Walters) #10

Here is the document for download. With thank-you to @MarianneL and @mwra

This is a temporary measure and will be rescinded when aTbRef online is once again live.

(Mark Anderson) #11

Sorry, its a DNS SNAFU. Now trying to work around problem where domain registrar wants to validate my identity by only communicating with a now defunct email address. Internet fail. :cry:

Anyway no more reports about outage needed - I’ll post as soon as we’re back up.

The upsdie is that someone has noticed it’s down, s:grinning it is getting read. :smile:

(john weiland) #12

Please get it back up…I feel Crippled with out it :slight_smile: