Back button? return to original note

(Steve Scott) #1

Wow! I’m reluctant to admit that I’ve never effectively used links in TBX. With the new quick link feature, I’m creating lots of links within notes. Is there a quick way to return to where you were before you clicked on the link, i.e. a back button? The only way that I know how to get back is to use the roadmap or browse links. It works just fine, but I’m wondering if there is something faster.

To illustrate with a picture, if I follow the link to the 2nd note, what is the fastest way to get back to the original note?

(Galen Menzel) #2

You can select Note -> Go Back, which is intended to take you back to the previous note. (I’ve bound this to a keyboard shortcut of ⌃O, similar to the standard Vim binding.) In my experience it also often takes you to some random note that I don’t recall having selected recently, though I haven’t been able to pinpoint when it works and when it doesn’t. In any case, often a few repetitions of “Go Back” will take me back to where I was. Not great, but it seems to work most of the time.

(Brian Crane) #3

⌘-’ acts like a back button.

Depending on what you are doing as you make the links, you might also consider changing the link creation behaviour in Edit–>Document Settings…

You can decide whether you move to the link target after creating a link or staying where you are.