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Beginners Question re Adornment Title Text Size

(James Marquand) #1

When I click on an adornment and expand it, the title text goes wild, expands into whole adornment… .png attached. Am running TB Version 7.5.6 (b335) on OS 10.13.2

(Mark Anderson) #2

I can’t replicate that effect 7.5.6 (b335) on OS 10.14.3, so I’m not sure if this is due to the different OS or some other undisclosed factor at play.

(Paul Walters) #3

The fonts are different, etc. Are these texts copied from a web source (so others can test for comparison), or from a book scan, or PDF? How did you create the adornment – type the text, or paste it, or drag in a picture?

What is the AdornmentFont attribute set to for these?

If might be helpful to email a sample Tinderbox file that has the reported problem to @eastgate

(eastgate) #4

My guess is that this document is set up to adjust the font size automatically to fit the available space:

You can set the size of the adornment text to whatever you want by selecting the adornment and opening the Font palette (⌘-T)

(James Marquand) #5

Ok so I believe this last comment was correct re “use smaller type.” I interpreted that drop down choice as the most likely to keep the title condensed… :wink: Thought that “expand proportionately” would produce the behavior I experienced.
I have more, other related questions but I see I’ll need to screencast to make them cogent… Back soon. Onwards — JM