Comparison with Notion

(Agam Brahma) #1

Came across Notion (, and while it (like everything else out there!) is lacks most of Tinderbox’s super-flexibility, it seems (IMHO) to be more than half-way there and good-enough, and cross-platform with a mobile app.

Anyone else tried it, or have opinions about it?

(Paul Walters) #2

I’d be hard pressed to consider Notion as anywhere near “half way” to Tinderbox’s capabilities. Yes, I’ve used it and though it’s a shiny nice webby thing, it’s not Tinderbox by any stretch of the imagination. That’s just my view, of course.

(Andreas Grimm) #3

I’d think of rather as a Love Child of Airtable and DropboxPaper. Not a bad thing. What do you think, @PaulWalters?

Only CSV-Export-Option seems to be missing. But I hope I am wrong on this.

(Paul Walters) #4

Notion has .csv export (or Markdown) – it’s in menu accessed by the three dots in the upper right corner of a page. It also has .csv import, so it can sort-or cooexist with Tinderbox, but not in any automated fashion. It also supports custom properties (i.e., custom metadata) but in a very limited sense.

Notion is more like Curio than AirTable, IMO, but I can see the resemblance.

(Andreas Grimm) #5


Export from Notion
In Notion, I can only see Markdown-Export at the very spot you directed my attention at … not .csv :-/

Nature of Notion
I see what you mean by referring to Curio. But the UX reminds me a lot of DropboxPaper. And having the Airtable feature of relating to internal relational databases (including the kanban-view-option) and the option to provide a shared link to be viewed in a browser by non-members and so forth made me think of Notion as a Love Child of Airtable and DropboxPaper.

And have you tried working with GoogleDocs documents inside Notion. Seamless commenting and editing.

Just observations and thoughts …

(Paul Walters) #6

Maybe they have different interfaces for different user groups? Not sure. This is the menu I see on a notes page and on a tasks page on the web page. (I don’t use the desktop Notion app.)

I’ve never used DropboxPaper and I don’t share GoogleDocs with anyone so no comment – though comparing those features to Tinderbox is a bit far afield since Tinderbox is solely a Mac desktop app.

(Andreas Grimm) #7

@PaulWalters Wasn’t comparing Notion to Tinderbox at this point of our inspiring discussion. So, yes, I agree it is far afield comparing it to Tinderbox in that respect.

Notion Export Options
How do you get those .csv-Export-options? I don’t see them at all.

(Andreas Grimm) #8

ok, @PaulWalters, I get it: .csv-Export is a payed feature. File closed on this. :wink:

Actually, I am not certain, whether .csv-Export is a payed feature; since in settings it only says that payed-versions can prevent Markdown, .csv and PDF-Export …

And while I am editing this entry your answer comes in that you don’t have a payed version either … What I notice, thougk that it your screenshot does show csv-Export but no Pdf-Option.

Very interesting …

(Paul Walters) #9

That’s interesting. I’m not paying for Notion LOL!!!

I signed up very early – so maybe my free account got grandfathered into the feature?

(Andreas Grimm) #10

Yeah, I just “commented” on that in the re-editing of my previous post.

Can anyone here clarify whether or not Notion has non-payed-version-csv-export? Maybe @Agam?

(Andreas Grimm) #11

Now I think I got it: .csv-Export is only available for tables but not for an entire workspace or page. So, now the .csv-Export-file is closed. Thanks again.

(M C Morgan) #12

I’ve been playing with it for a few weeks as a wiki. It works as a well enough for a personal wiki (on the order of iOS Trunk Notes ( I’m not sure how it will scale as a wiki; 300 - 400 pages might make navigation tricky.

But is has nothing on Tinderbox or DevonThink - it’s a different creature.