Copying and Pasting Aliases

(Michael Brown) #1

I am trying to copy aliases from several containers in one map into another container in the same document. I’m doing this by selecting the originals, Command-L to create Aliases, Command x to cut them then Command v to paste them in new place.

But what’s happening is my clipboard doesn’t seem to clear, and all the previous copied aliases are pasted in along with the originals, creating a big mess.

How do I copy aliases into another container without this happening?


(Mark Anderson) #2

I’m not sure sure what design intent was for copying - or more specifically cutting - aliases but in the meantime I’d suggest using drag/drop. If operating in map view, just open a new tab in outline view as that lets you see more than one container at once. All views tend to have some tasks that are most easily done by simply using a different view to do that task!

(Michael Brown) #3

Thanks. I sort of decided I was overcomplicating what I wanted to do and just eliminated one level of containers, but I will try the drag and drop.

(eastgate) #5

There’s a problem with alias pasting in some versions of Tinderbox. Use drag and drop for now if you’re not a member of the backstage program.

(Pat Maddox) #6

I’ve had better luck with copying aliases than cutting them… but the most reliable way I’ve found is to use Quickstamp to set $Container and move them that way.

(eastgate) #7

All this rigamarole with moving aliases will be unnecessary in the next release, I’m happy to say.