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Create Beautiful PDFs From Your Tinderbox Documents

(Mark Anderson) #24

I meant to add that sadly the Table of contents (TOC) functionality can’t be done via the styled HTML. If you want fine control of the TOC you’ll need to get into XSLT. Good grief, all that ‘just’ to make a PDF. Still, massive kudos to all those who kindly made and shared this code. Otherwise the solution is pay-for and not cheap**.

** I looked at this in some depth a while back. Having chivvied Eastgate into doing HTML help out (and using Tinderbox to do it) I felt bad for those whose can’t understand who to use hypertext and need a long form document to work from, thus the above.

(Andreas Grimm) #25


Thanks, @mwra. But I am not even certain yet where to start from. The Terminal?


Otherwise the solution is pay-for and not cheap

Which solution explicitly do you mean?

(Mark Anderson) #26
  1. Sorry, yes. It’s not an app. Download/install the software from https://wkhtmltopdf.org/downloads.html and then run the command line in Terminal.

  2. If I recall: https://www.princexml.com/purchase/ only $495 for a single desktop licence. OK, it’s intended to do far more. But, that’s the irony, if you ‘just’ want to use styled HTML to make a PDF

Fellow forum members feel free to point up better/cheaper solutions.  I did the recce on this about 5 years back and things move on...