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Creating Active Hyperlinks in Preview Tab

Suppose I find an interesting URL what I want to save in a note and I paste it into the Text Pane:


It works as an active hyperlink in the Text Pane. But when I go to Preview it is not an active link:

The reason is that the underlying HTML does not include the typical syntax for an “a href” hyperlink but instead just includes the original URL:

I know I can add the code manually - but is there a way to automate this with an agent or stamp or otherwise to either automatically or easily convert web URLs to working “a href” links in the HTML code?

The ‘smart link’ tech of the underlying Apple frameworks is transforming the link into an RTF link, but not a Tinderbox link. Initially the former were adopted as the latter—or I believe that was the plan—but tech issues cropped up and for the interim it has proved safer to not adopt RTF-only links as Tinderbox links. I think an unintentional aspect of that is it isn’t immediately obvious looking at $Text as to which web links are/are not native web-links.

Part of your confusion here in in other threads seems to stem from approaching Tinderbox as if it is a Web/HTML editor (I’m not judging). Far from it, it is a hypertextual note tool that can—amongst many other non-web things-generate hypertext.

Preview is confusing some users. It isn’t intended as a ‘viewing’ space. Its genesis was for checking HTML render before exporting lots of pages (aTbRef’s TBX emits c.2k files on full export). From there some have used it as a viewer. But, one can’t judge a feature from mis-use. If you need a different functionality, I’d mail in your use case. The use case part is important so the developer knows (rather than has to guess) your assumptions.

I’d agree the RTF-vs-Tinderbox link issue is annoying but I don’t find it confusing. It works fine in docs I don’t export and in those I do I disable the Smart Links for the note before pasting.

. Lest that seem a trivial point, Tinderbox stored links outside the source text as was done until the limitations of the early Web bent perceptions of hypertextual normality.

My use case is that I would like to regularly use Preview as a viewer because it adds functionality since I can enter on-the-fly raw HTML formatting in the Text tab. One example is the ability to embed a video and I am sure other examples will evolve such as formatted lists or tables or anything else that you can do with HTML.

Once I start putting raw HTML in the Text tab, however, it really is not usable for viewing, so that means Preview becomes my main viewer. That works fine - except we get back to my original question - since my work involves lots of web URLs within my notes, do I need to enter the a href code manually each time or is there some way to automate that?

Thanks, this is useful , but please understand this is not Tinderbox 's Tech Support. This is a user-to-user forum, and though admin/mod am a fellow user like you. I don’t work for Eastgate and live on a different continent. The etiquette of such forums is that the developer my post here but that doesn’t make it formal tech support.

If you want something in the app, please describe your need to the developer directly. If it’s not worth your time, it likely means its not that important. I say that reflecting on the same. Over time I’ve requested features, whilst in some cases I realised it’s not a good fit/ROI/for the dev and I should just use what’s provided (i.e. revisit my untested assumptions about how the app ‘should’ work).

Compared to most apps I use, Tinderbox is much broader in focus. That is pertinent here. Thus what I find obviously needed may be shared by few if any other users. What you or I think is ‘obvious’ or done by ‘everyone’ likely isn’t.

HTH :slight_smile:

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