Dominique Renauld Video Tutorials

(eastgate) #1

Superb and thoughtful screencasts by philosopher Dominique Renauld. Some in English, some in French with subtitles.


Taking a note with Alfred and Tinderbox:

Prendre des notes pour un article avec Tinderbox:

From Tinderbox to Scrivener:

Temporary notes with Tinderbox:

Taking a note with Tinderbox:

Thinking with Tinderbox:

Prendre une note de lecture avec Tinderbox:

Notes de lectures avec Tinderbox:

Personal Assistant:


Rechercher dans ses notes avec Tinderbox:

Taking notes with Tinderbox:

Tinderbox et les tags:

Prendre des notes de lectures avec Tinderbox 6:

A Call for Starter Templates
(eastgate) #2

New and recommended: Personal Assistant

(eastgate) #3

New and recommended: