Exporting outline notes to scrivener

(Manoj Nayak) #1


I haven’t yet had time to go through the entire manual.

I use tinderbox to take notes and then finally articulate using scrivener. How do I export the notes from a tinder container?

Thank you

(Mark Anderson) #2

What do you mean by this term?

The normal form of export to Scrivener is using the built-in Scrivener export template, that generated OPML data. The limit is less what Tinderbox can export and more what Scrivener can or will accept. OPML’s limitation is that essentially is was designed for plain-text simple outline so will retain note nesting and title/plain-text per note. So rich-text mark-up (bold, highlighting, linking) and custom data (e.g. user attributes) don’t transfer.

I’m unclear as to whether the recent v3 release of Scrivener improves interchange choices.

(Manoj Nayak) #3

My apologies.

I meant " How do I export from the notes from a tinder container?" ( I guess that is the right term)

(Mark Anderson) #4

Forgive me, lots of people come to Tinderbox from other apps and ‘tinder’ is a shortening of the app’s name I’ve never seen before (and also the name of a different app!). OK, to export a container using the Scrivener template:

  1. Go to File menu -> Built-in Templates -> Scrivener. this will add the necessary templates & prototypes (and their containers to your document.
  2. Select the container you wish to export (with its descendant notes) and open the HTML Inspector’s Export tab.
  3. In the Template control , select (if not already pre-selected) “/Templates/Scrivener”.
  4. Change the extension from ‘.html’ to ‘.opml’
  5. Click focus back to the main window’s view pane.
  6. Select the container to export.
  7. File menu ->Export Selected note. Check the target folder and file name are as desired and click ‘Export’.

You now have an OPML file you can import into Scrivener.