Exporting Selected Note with Images in html

(Tom Diaz) #1


When I attempt to export a note with an image within the text pane, it exports only with a placeholder image and not the image. I have used the standard html template in the export tab. The placeholder text is confirmed in the html preview tab as well. Obviously, I am missing some code (I think) in the export template…but not sure how to proceed?


(Paul Walters) #2

Here is a simple example using File > Built-in Templates > HTML, a note with an image, and File > Export > HMTL. I’ve included the Tinderbox file and the resulting export. I used just the features included with Tinderbox. I wasn’t able to fail.

Could you explain a bit more on how you are setting up your file? Or perhaps post a file that’s not succeeding for you?

HTML Export With Images.zip (273.1 KB)

(Tom Diaz) #3

Thanks Paul. Unfortunately this is a work file so I cannot send the whole file, however I did copy and paste your image into a new note and reproduced the same issue. The way I created in the export template was simply using the File menu: File/Built-in Templates/HTML then used that template using the HTML inspector. Here are some some shots with what I am seeing.

Thanks for your assistance

Text Pane:


Preview Pane which matches the export

(Paul Walters) #4

Could you post a screenshot of the Preview tab’s contents? There’s nothing wrong with the templates (see my text file), so there must be a configuration issue.

E.g., the Template assigned to the note is the wrong one. The exported note should use for its template /Templates/HTML page, and if that note has children then HTML Page will include the children using HTML item.

(Not being able to see your file or a sample means we’re just guessing. Did you try to make this work with a new file?)

(Tom Diaz) #5

Hi Paul

I was looking at the file you sent and what is interesting is that it too will not export images. The export selected note option only prints text (no image) and the preview tab only has a placeholder

Preview tab:

Text tab:

(Paul Walters) #6

I’m sorry, I meant to ask for the HTML tab’s contents.

No, sorry, not correct. The file I sent does export text + images. The folder I included in the file is the HTML and the image. The entire contents of that folder was created by Tinderbox, exactly the way Tinderbox exported it. I didn’t change a thing.

(Images are not embedded in the exported HTML. They are linked to in an HTML statement. The statement created by Tinderbox is <img src="The_Note.jpg" alt="" > Tinderbox places the image for the note into the export folder and names it The_Note.jpg .)

Sorry this doesn’t work for you. But there’s something you’re configuring wrong and since we cannot see your work, we’re only guessing. Maybe someone else has a better way of explaining – I’ve run out of suggestions. Good luck with your work.

(Tom Diaz) #7

Thanks Paul. I think I found the issue. I got it working with the html tab

Thanks again for all your help and direction.


(Mark Anderson) #8

Note, external images, linked CSS and other web resource (scripts, etc.) generally don’t function fully in the preview pane unless all such assets have been exported from Tinderbox or placed in the appropriate (export) folder if not app generated.

Thus, ages from notes with images embedded in $Text won’t show the image in preview until the page (and possibly whole site - i.e. all exporting pages) have been exported once.