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External links to tinderbox notes

(Ottmar Klaas) #1

I was starting to experiment with Tinderbox’s appleScript support, specifically to get links to individual notes. With that I was able to extract a link to a note. They look something like this:

tinderbox://myWiki2/Academic Disciplines/Social Sciences/Psychology?view=outline+select=1555427616;

If I put that into a text document (TextEdit), I can click on the link. It will then open the outline view and select the correct note in the outline view. However, the text window to the right is not in sync with the note. It shows the text of a different note. Does anyone have a clue why that would be the case? Any help would be appreciated.

For background info: This is a piece of getting to an integration of Tinderbox with Hook. Inching my way toward getting all the scripts in place to support that.


(Pat Maddox) #2

I don’t have an answer for you, but thanks for letting us know about Hook. From my initial testing, it’s the app I’ve wanted for years.

I am a huge fan of x-devonthink-item:// links because they just work, even after moving and renaming things, and across devices. I’ve badly wanted a way to create universal links for files outside of DEVONthink.

I haven’t tested Hook across devices yet (I guess it supports dropbox) but after initial testing it looks very promising.

I think Tinderbox will be great for creating “meta views” of files. Super cool.

Actually looking at your example, I suspect this is just a bug. It’s nice to see that TB note links seem to have gotten some love – before, if you moved the note 1555427616 to a different container, then TB wouldn’t be able to find it. But now TB can find the note, which is a big improvement!

(Paul Walters) #3

I’m pretty sure Hook is a single-device app for now.

See this

(Ottmar Klaas) #4

I did more testing, and I’m getting the same behavior if I get the note’s URL from the Note menu (even though the link doesn’t have the path in there). So I’m guessing my scripts I wrote for hook do something reasonable. BTW: I cross posted a similar question in the Hook forums as I wasn’t sure if I did something incorrect when cobbling together the applescripts that Hook needs.

(Pat Maddox) #5

Ah interesting. I saw this on their homepage:

Share hook:// links.

Share robust links to emails and versioned (e.g., GIT, SVN) or shared (e.g., Dropbox) files that your colleagues can instantly open on their Macs. Saves you both time and effort.

and was hopeful.

Anyway, multiple machine stuff will be a challenge. I don’t know how Hook is implemented, but I know one OS X feature is “file IDs” or something like that – which is how certain OS X applications are able to locate files even after they’ve been moved or renamed. The caveat is that it only works as long as the file stays on the same physical drive.

That said, Dropbox has a kind of similar feature, where when you copy the shareable link for a document, you can move it and rename it all you want and the link will still work. I had cobbled together some scripts for creating “universal links” based on this, but it was fiddly to work with.

Anyway, I’m speculating. I don’t know how it’s all built under the hood. But I’m keeping an eye on it for sure!