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(Paul Walters) #41

Thank you @schakwin for bringing @beck’s work to the community’s attention. And thanks to @beck for preparing this video series. She is a natural educator – these videos are engaging and highly informative. A few thoughts:

  • Beck says her mode of using Tinderbox is “run with it and doing stuff” – i.e., learn by doing. That’s always been my advice to anyone starting with Tinderbox. Don’t fuss with the details – just start, and continue.
  • She takes a long-term perspective of note-taking. E.g., it is progressive; the structure emerges over time; and the understanding of the notes emerges over time. I enjoyed her thought that the notes are “notes to a future self” and will have value for her over a very long arc.
  • Beck’s maps are excellent, clearly evolving from her emerging understand of her notes and the subject matter of her research. She discusses using maps to “conceptualize visually, with notes (zettels).” Great advice.

I hope we hear much more from @beck over time.

(Stephen D Chakwin Jr) #42

Yes, Paul. I’ve never met her or contacted her directly (yet), but she seems like a wonderful person and working in a really interesting, maybe N=1, discipline. I love the idea, for example, that water is restorative of mental energy => attention and that someday environments (indoors or outdoors) could be created with experience like that in mind. If she has the time and inclination, I hope she finds her way here. If/when I reach out to @beck, I will suggest it. But I don’t mind if someone beats me to it!

(Beck Tench) #43

I am pleased to see that these videos are being watched and incorporated into the discussion here. Thank you for the feedback, encouragement, and welcoming tone of your messages (here and on the blog and also in the emails I’ve received). I am especially encouraged by those who are interested in the research itself!

(alj ) #44

I just watched all four videos in a row, and loved them. The fourth one was killer. Seeing how you think by evolving concept maps is a perfect introduction to the software.

(Kenneth R) #45

Very informative mini-series. It was actually the very reason I fell for Tinderbox.

Big Love to @beck :smile: