Generating a high quality PDF map

(Lew Friedland) #1

I’m trying to generate a large, high quality PDF map from a conference I just attended. I can do it through print/PDF, of course, but then I get a map that is small and skewed lower left. All I really need (for now) is a decent sized, and centered PDF. Any tips on how to do this?

ContentiousConference.tbx (156.6 KB)

Request for help for printing large maps, please
(eastgate) #2

Try Edit ▸ Copy View As Image and the paste into your favorite image editor

(Paul Walters) #3

Here’s your map, captured using the panoramic scrolling option of Snagit.

(Lew Friedland) #4

Thanks so much, Paul. What is Snagit?

(Paul Walters) #5

Snagit from TechSmith. Not cheap, but I do a lot of capture, video and image, and for me the investment was worth it.

(Lew Friedland) #6

Thanks, Just tried it and it’s great.

(Russel Stolins) #7

Agree with your recommendation. SnagIt’s very much worth it. Been using it for books and general communications for about 18 years. It keeps getting better.