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How can I make URL attribute executable

how can I make my URL links executable from the left view than showing the attributes? I have used - Get Info - URL and I can click on this and it reveals the correct URL.

Thank you

If you’re using Big Sur, the “globe” icon that should appear in the Displayed Attributes table is hidden in Tinderbox 8.9.2. It’ll be back in Tinderbox 9, and it’s still clickable — it just lost its image. (If you need this right away, email me and I’ll get you a test release. But you can click to the left of the URL now and it should be fine.)

I might be misunderstanding you; if so, let me know!

URLs clickable from the view, i.e. left pane? This is not possible. To make an (external) URL open via a click, you need to use the text pane at right. You can:

†. I assume you probably want to display the $Text of a note—including any URLs therein—on the face of the map icon and be able to click the links from within the displayed icon text.

Hello @eastgate and @mwra

Thank you very much. The issue was as @eastgate described - I did not see the icon and was not sure what to do then.

Thank you both for your quick reply.


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Is this issue only in 8.9.2? I am using Tinderbox 8.9.1. and also can’t see the “Globe” icon.

The issue is not Tinderbox but a macOS 11.x related issue. Users of the latter OS will need to use a version greater than 8.9.2 in order to see a fix. v8.9.2 is the current v.8x release of Tinderbox, so my hunch is any fix will be in v9.

Oh … ok… I misunderstood. Thanks for your reply!