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How to change default title font size in Outline view

(Stefan Keydel) #1


I’ve changed the default text font size in my document, but can’t figure out how to change the default title font size in the outline view.

Probably a very simple solution, but any help would be appreciated.


(Mark Anderson) #2

The primary control is in Doc Settings -> Map. This setting controls the font size of a note’s title ($Name) in both Map view (via $MapTextSize) and Outline view (via $OutlineTextSize). This means either/both can be altered at prototype of individual note level to have different title sizes for different notes.

(Stefan Keydel) #3

Ah, so simple! Thank you, Mark!

(David) #4

I don’t always find that the same typeface sizes work well in map and outline views (in general I’d like outline view a bit bigger). So you can keep the size of the typeface attribute constant but increase the size of what you see using the View:Magnify menu item and related items.

(Mark Anderson) #5

This is why $MapTextSize and $OutlineTextSize can be set separately, even at doc level—see the links in my last post above. That can save having to mess around with zoom levels.