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How to create shared/global Stamp available to every tbx docs?

It seems if one wants to reuse the Stamps created in one tbx doc in another tbx doc, one has to drag & drop the Stamps into the new/targeted tbx doc.

This drag drop operation does allow some kind of reuse or share of Stamps within Tinderbox, but it is also very limited in capability!

Quite often, one might want to set up a series of standard Stamps which could be accessed & shared in every newly created tbx doc to boost the Tinderbox productivity, just like programmer reuse those standard API/lib or users created API.

So if any, how to set up shared or globally available Stamps for every tbx doc?

Please enlighten me on this. Thanks in advance.

Note I may be misremembering here, and it maybe possible to use a stamps folder - I need to dig a bit but will update/replace the post if I have better data.

There is no global store, as far as I’m aware. Having a ‘stamps’ container in the app support folder has been mooted in the past.

Although you can drag stamps to another TBX file, you can’t drag them to the Desktop or a Finder window to make your own stamp store.

I guess one issue is the behaviour of using a stamp that refers to attributes not defined in the current TBX. The app can’t create them as it doesn’t know what type they should be; simply assuming a String type might cause more harm than good. Sure, in our mind’s eye, we’d never use a Stamp employing missing attributes but that eventuality needs to be dealt with from a software perspective.