How to set OutlineBackgroundColor to a lighter version of its map Color

(jmm) #1

I would like to set the $OutlineBackgroundColor of a number of prototypes to a lighter version of their own $Color in maps. I wonder how to write a general expression for something like $OutlineBackgroundColor = lighter $Color

(Mark Anderson) #2

The $Color of an item in Map is used to draw the title ($Name) of an item in Outline. So, if i understand it correctly you’d want a note with a ‘red’ $Color on the map to show in Outline as a lighter red? Here are a couple of stamps to try:

$OutlineBackgroundColor.saturation = $Color.saturation*0.5;



For more on colour manipulation see the dot-operators for the Color data type here.

(jmm) #3

Thanks again. This is what I’ve ended up using:

$OutlineBackgroundColor.hue = $Color.hue;$OutlineBackgroundColor.saturation = $Color.saturation*0.3;

(Mark Anderson) #4

It’s worth reading this, as it explains how outline (view) order equals map view Z-order (i.e. vertical stack order). If notes don’t overlap you don’t really see the latter. But moving an item toward front or back in the ma does actually move it in the outline. By comparison the {X,Y} position of map units has no effect on the outline order.

(jmm) #5

That’s useful, thanks. I found useful reading Formatting Shallow Outlines as well.

Maps are for spatial relations, outlines for hierarchichal ones. I wonder if solid background colors to text in outlines, similar to those in maps, should have a role in outlines, or they decrease the difference between maps and outlines. Maybe outlines should be left for viewing the structure of the final text document outcome, to be rendered without color.

(Mark Anderson) #6

After years of watching and helping other users I think it’s a case of finding a style that fits your perspective. For instance, testing the above I found the colours too intrusive for my taste whilst seeing how others (e.g. yourself) might use this. So, if we find something that works for us we should use it, even if others do differently. :slight_smile: