Howard Oakley's Storyspace v3 tutorials

(Mark Anderson) #1

Howard Oakley has written an excellent series of articles on his blog exploring Storyspace v3. Most of the articles are pertinent - or will be familiar to - a Tinderbox user as well.

Curated index page of Storyspace articles on his blog:

Wordpress’ auto-listing by tag ‘storyspace’: - this makes it easier to browse a listing with a bit of extra per-article info & image.

How many images is "too much"?
Exporting HTML from Tinderbox 7: Oakley example
(Mark Anderson) #2

Howard has just updated the index of his excellent series of Storyspace 3 articles:

Reminder - they may be of use to many Tinderbox users to so are worth a skim over.

(eastgate) #3

Latest update: Analyzing and Telling Changing Narrative in Storyspace

(WAKAMATSU kunimitsu) #4

Dear Mark Anderson,
I am afraid this URL is out of connection.


(Paul Walters) #5

Howard’s site has a search feature. For instance, if you search on his site for for “Storyspace” you might find

which is the current URL for his tutorials.

(WAKAMATSU kunimitsu) #6

Dear PaulWalters,
Thank you for your information.

This URL is fully functioning.

Thanks a lot, again.


(Paul Walters) #7