Integration with Diigo

(Michael Becker) #1

I use Diigo, a web extension to conduct research, I’d love to be able integrate my Tinderbox file to Diigo so that I can pull in my notes and references from my Diigo file into Tinderbox. Has anyone tried this?


(Mark Anderson) #2

Hmm, Diigo appears to have no (public) documentation which makes answering your question a bit hard. Is there an export API? Or support pages for logged in users (I don’t have an account). How are you imagining the interaction between the website and Tinderbox to work. Which is the master resource - website or app?

(Paul Walters) #3

Diigo’s main ways to export are print and copy/paste. If you have notes in a Diigo outliner, you can use the export menu, which brings up a page from which you can copy the outline. Tinderbox does not recognize this as an outline, so when you paste it you’ll get one note that you’ll then need to explode.

There might be some other tricks, but that’s the main approach I think. Diigo seems to gradually be falling to pieces. More and more of it doesn’t work anymore. Might be a good time to get your data safe somewhere else?