iPad and TBX - near future?

(Dhyanam) #1

With the release of the latest iPad Pro, there is talk of it competing with speed and power of MacBook Pros. What is the outlook for Tinderbox on iOS?

(James Fallows) #2

Obviously none of us here in user-land can speak for Eastgate plans.

But my own guess, having used the program over the past decade and watched it evolve through that time, is that the switch to the iOS platform would be such a significant shift, and so out of scale with the resources available to a company properly proud of its “artisanal software” existence, that it’s not something to expect any time soon.

Of course I wish that an iPad-transportable version of TB were available now. But realistically that does not seem in near- or medium-term prospect.

(eastgate) #3

A major issue is the utter collapse of the software economic of iOS. It’s technically feasible (although some UI challenges are significant), but whether there’s a marketplace is open to question.

(Pat Maddox) #4

Agenda has adopted the same year-of-updates model that Tinderbox uses, it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out for them (and how they enforce / maintain that model on iOS).

(Dhyanam) #5

Thanks for your responses. Indeed, the economics of iOS app development is very much up in the air. Some seem to be doing it successfully (Omni Group), while for most (e.g., Ulysses, DevonThink) it’s too early to tell.

I can also understand that it is no trivial matter to undertake the development of an iOS version. Scrivener had a tortuous path before designing and releasing a fantastic iOS version. DevonThink also had a hiccup at first.

The reward for releasing a good app is: keeping up with the ruthless cycle of maintaining each version as both iOS and macOS change annually. It is enough to make even thinking about it exhausting (and, I don’t write code!).

Nevertheless, oh, how tempting it is to dream of the possibility! Perhaps Marzipan will bring a practical approach to the problem.

(Miloš Miljković) #6

I would gladly pay a higher yearly subscription for this. Many iOS apps are moving to a subscription model anyway so you wouldn’t stick out at all.

(Paul Walters) #7

I prefer not to expect or ask that Tinderbox be ported to iOS. The diversion in time, talent, and treasure would likely erode attention to the macOS base software and we all would lose. I appreciate the long commitment Mark has made and continues to make to Tinderbox – as well as his vast interests outside Tinderbox, which I think also make Tinderbox better.