Just getting started ... customizing UI ... Make active pane more apparent?

(Kirby Krieger) #1

The only visual representations I’ve found which indicate which of the two panes (Outline View is all I’m using so far) is active are a subtle shading along the top and left-hand edges of the left-hand pane when it is active (and no shading when it is not active) and the presence of the blinking insertion point in the right-hand pane when it is active (and no insertion cursor when it is not active). These are, to my beginner’s eyes, easy to miss. (I am using “Edit ▹ Document Settings ▹ Colors ▹ Standard”.) How can I make it more apparent which pane is currently active?

The reason I ask is because typing and formatting results depend on which pane is active.

Tinderbox 7.3.0 demo on OS 10.11.6.

(eastgate) #2

This is the standard Macintosh interface. But it’s easy enough to click on the pane you want.