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Link between notes contained in different tbx files - possible or not?

(Erwin Panen) #1


Is it possible to link between notes of different TBX files?
If yes, what’s the way to create / write out such a “linked” note?


(Paul Walters) #2

What I recommend is

  1. Have one note in each document that contains a “File” attribute that when clicked will open the other document. So in document “A” have a “File” attribute that when clicked will open document “B”, and so on. The reason for this is that step 2 works best when the documents are all opened.
  2. For the notes you want to “link”, select a note in document “A” and choose Note > Copy Note URL.
  3. In a URL field, or in the text of a note in document “B” past the URL copied from the note in document “A”

… and so on.

These are URL links – the only kind possible at this time for inter-document linking – they are not hyperlinks or internal Tinderbox links.

(Erwin Panen) #3

Thanks for replying Paul, I’ll see if I can get that going. If I have any more questions I’ll report back here.