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(Robert Powell) #21

Thanks so much, I’ve learned a lot in this discussion! Now if you could help me get rid of this flu or whatever it is. I had the flu shot too! I blame my students for spreading this plague.

(Bill Anderson) #22

Actually, this sounds like a perfect application for Tinderbox.

If you haven’t read it, Mark’s book The Tinderbox Way has a couple of great scenarios of how to use TB to explore data, and goes into detail on how to use agents.

Well worth the money in my opinion, it helped me really get my head around Tinderbox.

You might also look at the posts on TinderLaw, I think they would be helpful:

(Robert Powell) #23

OK, I took your advice and bought The Tinderbox Way, taking advantage of a time gap while my students are taking an online quiz. I’ll also check out the litigation site. That could also be very useful as I’ve been an expert witness several times.

Thanks for all the help!

(Robert Powell) #24

I bought the book, but didn’t see how to download. Perhaps tomorrow.

(Mark Anderson) #25

Check the email you got from “Eastgate Order Desk” following your order. It contains a download URL.

(Robert Powell) #26

That is what I expected, but unfortunately, the email I got was the same fairly generic one I got when I purchased Tinderbox. It has two email links in it, but no download link. I guess I’ll use the email to ask about it.

(Mark Anderson) #27

When I ordered the book, I got two emails in response title “Your order from Eastgate XX” where XX was the order number. This is essentially the invoice.

The second emailed was titled “The Tinderbox Way (Third Edition)” and this one was the one with the download web links; three in fact for PDF, epub, and a DMG with both.

You might want to check your junk spam filter or trash incase it got filtered out or you deleted it by mistake. A lot of small companies use separate invoice/download emails, often due to the sales back-end of the process. IOW, if you get an email with just the invoice watch for a separate message with download links and licence keys (the latter item not needed in this case).

(Robert Powell) #28

Thorough check, no second email. Beats me. Probably just as well I didn’t get it last night, I would likely have stayed up reading it even later than I did working.

(Paul Walters) #29

Maybe email Eastgate and ask them?

Orders are usually carefully reviewed before the product is sent. Depending on the time of day the order was placed. I received my download link about 36 hours after I placed the order, which is what I expected.

(Robert Powell) #30

Oh, OK, I didn’t know it took that long. My Tinderbox SN came pretty quickly.

(Robert Powell) #31

Woo hoo, I just got it!

(James Fallows) #32

What’s unusual and valuable about the book, in my view, is that it combines some very specific Tinderbox how-to information with much broader speculation about the process of intellectual work, and the interaction of digital (and pre-digital ) tools with that undertaking.

So it’s not exactly a manual, or really very close to a manual at all. And it’s not exactly a book about the process of note-taking or information-management entirely at arm’s length from one specific program. It has elements of both and more, which makes it valuable in Tinderbox-relevant ways and others as well.