Missing sample file for Help>Actions and Dashboards

(Dhyanam) #1

Under Help>Actions and Dashboards, the PDF documentation provides a link to a Tinderbox document with sample data and analytical tools:


The link is, unfortunately, broken:

The requested URL /download/ActionsAndDashboards.dmg was not found on this server.

Where to get this sample file?

(Paul Walters) #2

Confirmed. 404 not found.

(Mark Anderson) #3

FWIW, the DMG is an example TBX of the topic in the PDF.

The URL break has been reported to Eastgate.

(eastgate) #4

It’s back! Thanks for letting us know.

(Simon Knight) #5

and its gone! Well I get a 404 error on https://www.eastgate.com/download/ActionsAndDashboards.tbx

today Aug 28th 2018.

(Simon Knight) #6

Almost belay my last: www.eastgate.com/download/ActionsAndDashboards.tbx does work

(eastgate) #7

Curious. Looking into that, but use the http:// link for now