Mobile Workflow- taking notes

(Steve Scott) #1

What are your thoughts on how to take notes when you are away from your Tinderbox? A few years ago I tried to sync with simplenote, but I had a lot of crashes and gave up.

Things I’m looking at:

  • create an outline in OmniOutliner, export to OPML, and import
  • create a mindmap in iThoughts, export to OPML, and import

Does anyone have an established workflow that you care to share?


Familiar theme, new Q: state of play for mobile note-taking
(Pat Maddox) #2

I take all my notes using DEVONthink To Go. These automatically sync to the desktop DEVONthink and from there I can drag them into Tinderbox if I want.

(Paul Walters) #3

As @pat mentioned, DEVONthink to Go is a good possibility. I frequently need to capture attribute-value pairs in addition to text that will feed into $Text in my Tinderbox document(s), so I use OmniOutliner – Numbers and Excel work well, too for capturing attribute-value pairs. Or, more sophisticated, Tap Forms 5 or Airtable. I’ve never had much patience with Simplenote.

(Dominique Renauld) #4

Most of the time, I write down my ideas in a paper notebook or write them directly into my main Tinderbox file, using $Url if it is a web link and $Tags when it comes to tag them. The new iPad seems to come with a lot of improvements for sharing notes between two devices and I would not be surprised to give Devonthink TO GO a try. But my needs don’t require a sync configuration. And what about Apple’s Notes?

(Steve Scott) #5

Thanks for solid thoughts. I’ve been using DevonThink ToGo and it has been rock solid. I hadn’t thought about dragging a note into TBX, but it worked really well. The link back to Devonthink is cool!

@PaulWalters, would you be willing to briefly describe how you use OmniOutliner to capture “attribute-value pairs.” I tried to 1) create a column 2) use the note field and then export to OPML. I couldn’t get anything to work other than importing the outline structure.

I am excited to report that one of my favorite tools ithoughts works extremely well for capturing an outline, $text, and $URL.

(Paul Walters) #6

Sure. Here’s a OmniOutliner iOS document – one of the built-in templates that I modified (changed “Topic” to “Name” and added a “Text” column):

I synced that down to the desktop via OmniPresence sync, then opened it in OO5 on MacOS. I selected all columns and exported to OPML, which I then dragged into Tinderbox 7 with this result:

Pretty slick.

(Steve Scott) #7

@PaulWalters, that is awesome! I didn’t realize it was that easy. thanks!

(Sheepkeeper) #8

While I like some aspects of this one (e.g. the automatic hyperlinks between TBX and DevonThink, I would like the contents of documents (e.g. RTFs) stored in DevonThink to come into TinderBox notes, but I don’t see an easy way to make that happen. Do you?

(Sheepkeeper) #9

I have wrestled with this same issue and finally made a Numbers spreadsheet of features I wanted between iOS and Tinderbox.
For my scenario, I wanted a map or otherwise relational way to relate notes and note structure both on iOS and Mac. So, I compared NovaMind, Scrivener, FreePlane, XMind, DevonThink2Go/DevonThink Pro Office, and iThoughts, I landed on iThoughts on iOS, which exports OPML properly both Tinderbox and Scrivener (notes you associate with iThoughts map branches actually land in Tinderbox notes fields, not just in note title fields when exported). iThoughts also plays very well with XMind and several other apps.

(eastgate) #10

In Tinderbox 7.2, RTF notes dragged from DEVONthink Office Pro 2.9.15 to Tinderbox will import their contents as styled text

(Sheepkeeper) #11

What can I say? Yet more reasons to be impressed by both Tinderbox itself and its community. I downloaded 7.2 earlier this evening, but didn’t catch that feature. Will check it out tomorrow.

(JESP) #12

Wonderful thread. I actually use a combination of MarginNote->iThoughtsX, and now->Tinderbox to create these same note output in Tinderbox.

MarginNote is the table settler: it creates discrete annotations, allows users to title each of them, and affix hashtags and additional comments to individual annotations. It allows user to further organize these discrete annotations (w/ or w/o tiles, comments, and hashtags - and links back to the original text).

I export MarginNote annotations to iThoughtsX, and then to Tinderbox. Once complete, this process creates containers and their children in Tinderbox, with the MarginNote-created titled annotation in Tinderbox’s title pane, a link back to the the original text (in MargninNote) in Tinderbox’s url section, and the MarginNote-created annotated text appearing in Tinderbox’s text pane (which is also where MarginNote-created comments and hashtags go).

I use the MarginNote-created titles to label the subcategories for annotations, and hashtags for task - actions (e.g., questions, research, read, etc.).

Here’s my situation… In many cases, I include 2 - 3 titles (i.e., subcategories) for an discrete annotation – because it might fall into multiple subcategories (as replicants in DEVONthink or aliases in Tinderbox). Ditto that with hashtags that carry over from MarginNote to Tinderbox.

So… What’s the best way (perhaps through Actions or Agents) to automatically create these titles as aliases within their respective associated containers? Thanks!

(Diane Thompson) #13

I have been trying the Simplenote sync and it has been working surprisingly well. I had tried it years ago and it wasn’t reliable so I had given up, but so far it has been very good.
I needed to be able to enter info into Tinderbox and Simplenote and have it synchronize, and so far it is doing that.