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Moving Around a Map in Bird's Eye View

(Beck Tench) #1

When I press Control+Option+Command I see my map from a bird’s eye view and can put my mouse pointer to a place in the map, release, and it will re-zoom in that spot, which is a lovely trick.

But sometimes the combination doesn’t give me the whole map and I can’t figure out how to move around it. When I click it gives me the right click menu, when I scroll with the mouse it zooms in and out. I can hover over scroll bars and click and drag to get to a part that isn’t in view, but are there less precise ways I explore around?

Here’s a demonstration of what I’m experiencing/wanting:


(eastgate) #2

I believe this is addressed in the current backstage build.

(Marc Miller) #3

I know that asking developers “how long” is as annoying as kids in the back seat harping every 5 minutes on a road trip, but you’ve mentioned Tb8 a couple of times recently. Any hints on a date? – and I completely understand if the answer is “when it’s good and ready”.

(eastgate) #4

Soon. Very soon. But not yet.

(Agam Brahma) #5

Wow, I didn’t even know there was a bird’s eye view – what an amazing tool!

I wish there was a small “Tinderbox CheetSheet” of sorts for stuff like this …