Moving Between Key Attributes Using the Keyboard

(Tony LaTorre) #1

I’m using TB 7.5.4 and am trying to move from key attribute to key attribute using the keyboard, entering values for each along the way, but it doesn’t seem to be working. For example, if I edit the value for KA2 (that is, the 2nd row down) and want to move down to edit KA3, kitting return or enter selects KA1, and pressing tab takes me out of the KA area entirely and into the text area (the area in the lower right).

Is there another key I should be pressing or what otherwise am I doing wrong to move from KA to KA?

(Paul Walters) #2

If you select a key attribute then press Enter, the field will become editable. Press Enter then Enter again, and you will be in the next field and it will be editable.

(Tony LaTorre) #3

That’s not what’s happening with me. After I edit a key attribute and hit enter, that item loses its selection. Instead, the very first key attribute becomes selected.

(Mark Anderson) #4

False positive - better answer below
This is a know/reported recent bug (I certainly reported it under v7.5.4). Things should - when fixed - function as described by @PaulWalters. Tab and Return key both currently toggle KA edit but on close they incorrectly set focus in the $Text area. Up-/down-Arrow keys are the best way to key though the table but there’s currently no way to make focus stay in the KA table other than by using the cursor to click out of a KA edit to close it.

(Tony LaTorre) #5

If this is a known bug then that’s cool, I’ll wait for the fix. Being new to the program I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong.

(Mark Anderson) #6

OK, by unlucky chance I spotted a different cause of an error I recall reporting. This is because, on rechecking, I happened to test earlier on KAs of notes that all had a rule. For notes with no rule, the Return key works as expected (and as previously described above. But, if the note has a rule (or edict) value set, Return both closes a KA edit and pushes the focus to the $Text area. I’ll re-report this.

TL;DR is some notes, using Return or Tab to close a KA edit jumps the cursor to $Text. This is a bug and occurs when the note has a Rule or Edict.

(Tony LaTorre) #7

I have no rules or edicts applied, I’m just doing the Getting Started tutorial. Does that mean this is the same bug as you described before or a different one?

(Mark Anderson) #8

OK, I took v7.5.4 and recreated the Getting started file as at page 35, where there are 3 KAs. I confirm the behaviour you see does occur in v7.5.4. A fix for that has been tested and is working (though only in beta test at present) and should be fixed in the next public release. The additional issue I mentioned re the presence of Rules/Edicts is possibly also in v7.5.4 (but likely obscured by the other bug). Either way, the latter has also been reported via other channels).

So for now in v7.5.4 you’ll just need to use the mouse/trackpad a bit more. Sorry about the confusion.

(Tony LaTorre) #9

No problem, thank you Mark. I look forward to the next version.