Navigating link suggestion list without mouse?

(Beck Tench) #1

Is there a way to navigate the pop-up list of linkable notes without using the mouse when you are in a note and type “[[”?

Example of what I’m trying to do in this quick demonstration:

In this example, I would like to link the middle paper, but it automatically inserts a link to the first option when I press the down arrow. I can press the up arrow to get to the last option, but don’t know how to get in the middle of the list.


(eastgate) #2

We’ll look into this.

It’s bound to be tricky. One idea would be to give the reference notes shorter and more evocative names – at least for the references you use frequently. Then you could just type [[Hartig04 or [[H04.

I think that if you continue to type the reference you want, the unwanted choices will be removed from the menu. Then you can simply accept the remaining choice.

(Beck Tench) #3

Good point about the more evocative citekey, I might try that.

As for the continuing to type suggestion, it looks you can type to narrow the list as long as there’s no space needed to narrow. Once you type a space, you lose the dropdown.